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What happens if you alchemise cacao, with sound and quantum healing, within the container of a loving community of practitioners and facilitators?

 Our medicine is an alchemy of sound, song, cacao, ceremony, ritual, quantum physics, neuroscience and a heart-centered community of practitioners. Working with this alchemy for years has left us deeply intrigued and fascinated with how sound gives access to profound healing and transformation. How people swiftly drop into their hearts, tap into their truth, experience their essence, call in their purpose and unleash their magic. How working with sound can offer a fast pathway to releasing our creative blocks and finding our unique creative path off the beaten track of consensus reality. It seems that Sound opens a portal for us to step more into ourselves – and come back online with being who we came to be and live out our life's calling and purpose. Explore the alchemy of our medicine below. 



The Power Of Sound

The Power of Sound can heal and transform our lives. We perceive our current reality as a reflection of our vibrational state and therefore when we change our frequency we get to experience a new reality. Our sound practices empower us to harness our vibration and live the life of our dreams, a life in tune with our hearts desire and soul purpose. Through these practices we destress our nervous system, open our hearts, come into alignment, access deep states of consciousness and healing, and allow a fuller embodiment of our divine and creative potential. Learn more about the way Sound affects us, our different sound practices and find links to resources. 



Why drink Chocolate?

For the taste, the feeling, its yumminess? For the love of Chocolate, right? Well, it seems we have been consuming Chocolate for a very long time ... some say for more than 3000 years! For example amongst Mayans, Aztecs and Toltecs. Today it remains one of this planets most important spiritual facilitators and plant medicines.

And Chocolate and Sound seem to have an intimate love relationship!


Quantum Heart Medicine

Our magic at the Mystery School comes from our approach to and the use of sound in our daily lives to heal and transform. We are particularly inspired by Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and HeartMath in our understanding of how we create and influence our reality – and how this approach combined with sound can change our frequency and our brains to manifest new and more aligned realities. Through our sound practices we empower ourselves to understand and harness our vibration and live a life more in tune with our hearts and soul purpose.

To put it in other words: "How we can step out of our own way and into deeper alignment with our truest essence?"



Our community offers a deep journey into remembering life as an embodied prayer of love and service to the highest good of all. Coming together daily in circle to be witnessed, to share our hearts, to listen deeply and care passionately – creates a deep space of safety to let go and become the most authentic expression of you. We are inspired by the ancient Mystery Schools that through community and prayer created a portal of light for ascension and healing for all – and initiated people into their unique soul path to be of service for the highest good. 

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