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Founder of Sounds of Light & Multidimensional Sound Alchemist

Thomas is the founder of and Creative Wizard at Sounds of Light, our Mystery School of Sound Healing. Thomas is a sacred sound therapist, multi-instrumentalist, chocolate alchemist and retreat leader. The Cacao spirit guided Thomas into the field of sound healing 12 years ago where he has been creating and leading Cacao & Sound Healing journeys, retreats, trainings, events, Kirtans, and workshops all over the world.

Learn more about his journey in our Documentary section Read about his personal journey on our blog (click here), of how sound and cacao initiated a wild ride deep into the mystical school traditions of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis – and paved the way to the initiation of the Sounds of Light Mystery School.

How did you get into sound and chocolate?

“My journey with sound has been and still is an adventure into the unknown; trusting and surrendering to the innate knowing of my heart. Slowly. Step by step. My wake-up call was a devastating burn-out in the field of Global Political Activism Training. It was gut-wrenching to leave a field that I spent years at University preparing for and 10 years passionately practicing and creating cutting-edge political empowerment - but it was literally killing me. My heart and body was shouting at me! Stop - make peace on the inside first! And I did. Jumped off the cliff into the unknown leaving behind the safety of career, pension-fund and normalcy. I never felt so alive! To allow myself to follow the tune of my heart...not what I was expected to do, or felt I should do. But what felt good and exciting! My heart lead me to Guatemala where I met the Cacao-Spirit and the real Willy Wonka of Chocolate Shamans. Communing with the Cacao spirit daily - in form of delicious ceremonial grade Hot Chocolate - lead me on a deep journey into every belief-system that was holding me back from following my joy and my intuition - and inhibiting my child-like creative expression. And a journey connecting with my true nature and soul purpose. I am still on that journey. Now with more knowing of how to navigate life living from the heart. Following the whispers of my heart allowed a deep awakening to the Power of Sound. Suddenly being able to play instruments I had never heard of before. Having mystical experiences with my voice. Remembering a skill-set that I hadn't learnt in this life. What an amazing mystery and a gift! And now my joy is sharing the Alchemy of Sacred Sound, Cacao in wild nature - and holding space for people to wake up and follow their hearts. At our very own Mystery School, Sounds of Light, exploring the healing and transformational potential of Sound and Light.  Wow! Thank you!


How do you work with sound and chocolate?

I love the alchemy of Sound, Cacao and nature and how it opens the heart, fires up our creativity and allows access to more of who we came to be. I work with an abundance of sacred instruments; tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flutes, monochords, harps, tuning forks, duduks, tampura, pre-hispanic sonic tools, crystal bowls, harmonium, shrutis, drums, chimes, bells and the power of our own voice. I love to weave mystical sound landscapes that allow deep relaxation and opens portals to altered states of consciousness and soul activation. I hold space where everyone can feel safe to let go and experience the power of their voice in calling in their purpose, dreams and wisdom of their hearts – and my passion is to empower them to share this everywhere.

What is your background for leading a Mystery School of Sound Healing?

I have 20 years of experience in facilitation and teacher trainings and part of my talent is to pioneer creative learning environments for the new wave of sound healers and musical space holders calling in a New Earth of heart centered living. My main sound healing teachers are: John Beaulieu, Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon. And my main vocal teachers are Sylvia Nakkach, Githa-Ben-David and Amit Carmeli. I have also studied Drupad singing in India with Uday Bhawalkar and Nirmalya Dey of the Dagar lineage.

I have been leading workshops, retreats and trainings since 1999 - and I was chief education consultant and trainer for Action Aid International empowering social movements through campaign and teacher trainings all over the Global South.

I hold a master degree in Learning Design from Roskilde University and I am a certified life coach.


I have trained in facilitating Heart IQ Circle with Christian Pankhurst.

And I recently completed a year long advanced facilitation training studying how to lead groups into their emergent and authentic aliveness -  

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