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Our Community is an ongoing deep exploration of the power of intentionally living life in service for the highest good of all. We come together daily in circle to drink cacao, set intention, practice, pray, share our hearts and to be witnessed in our brightest light and our darkest shadows. We create community through vulnerability, hugs, laughs, tears, compassion and awareness of our how our thoughts and actions shape our reality. Our purpose is to empower ourselves and everyone in the community to be more of who they came to be and to let go of all that no longer serves. Our community is a space to sink deep into the sound practices and cacao medicine and activate, align and expand into our highest potential and divine essence. A space for everyone who is ready to take the first steps on their journey of awakening, finding their true purpose, path and play. And for those of us who already took that jump and have been cruising into the depths of the unknown ascension journey and trail blazing off the beaten path of consensus reality. It is a place to call home for our ever expanding sound and cacao tribe. And a space to come and heal. To empower. To serve. To play. To create and share new practices and magic from the mystical alchemical realms of sound, music and cacao. A place to embody a life of ritual and ceremony and continue to expand our channels to serve the light for highest good. For all who need it.

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