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The Power of Sound

The Power of Sound can heal and transform our lives. We perceive our current reality as a reflection of our vibrational state and therefore when we change our frequency we get to experience a new reality. Our sound practices empower us to harness our vibration and live the life of our dreams, a life in tune with our hearts and soul purpose. Through these practices we destress our nervous system, open our hearts, come into alignment, access deep states of consciousness and healing and allow a fuller embodiment of our divine and creative potential. Below you can learn more about the way Sound affects us, our different sound practices and finds links to resources. 

Sound as a carrier wave of consciousness and access to healing 

We approach healing as a deeply participatory journey and not something that happens or is done to you through the efforts of someone else, often called a healer. As such we do not offer healing but we hold space and work with sound in a way that gives you access to incredible healing and transformational journeys. We experience sound as a very effective and powerful facilitator to access healing for the body, mind and spirit. Its restorative, relaxing and de-stressing effect on the nervous system opens up for a very receptive state of being. From this space of receptivity sound can offer a multidimensional portal for you to access healing, transformation, empowerment and guidance even outside time and space. The sound healing journeys are very multi-dimensional with many different experiential layers.


Below are some examples of the different processes our sound journeys give access to:


Science has proven that pure sound immersion of minimum 20 minutes in a safe environment catalyses a deep relaxation response in our nervous system. Our sound journeys are designed to reset and destress – and allow a deep relaxation back into your body and heart. 


Sound is a carrier-wave of consciousness and you will experience the sound journeys as multi-dimensional portals to access your consciousness, guides and soul contracts – and assist us in remembering who we are and why we came to earth. During the sound journeys you may receive profound messages and download parts of your magic that is waiting to be reunited with you. 


The deep sound journeys, meditations and voice activations will move stuck or suppressed energy to be felt and expressed. Be that sadness, joy, laughter or tears. You will be allowed to feel all that is alive and arising in you – and embrace it with love and compassion from your self and the group. Often repressed trauma is released or painful aspects of our shadow is brought to the surface – and we hold space where it is both safe and encouraged to share the darkest and most shameful parts of self to be seen, felt and loved. Our daily heart sharings provide space to be witnessed in your authentic expression and truth. 


Where intention goes, magic flows! What do you want from life? Ask and it shall be given! You will be invited to rediscover the power of directing your life force energy through setting sound infused intention and expressing gratitude every day. It is an ancient mystical teaching that we can create magic through voicing our desires and gratitude. You will find yourself having deeper access to your truth, desires and dreams. 


Pure Sound journeys light up our right brain hemisphere just like a Christmas tree! Your brain will form new neuro-networks during the journeys and your light body circuitry will be upgraded – all backed by cutting edge research known as Biophotonic Science! This research shows that our light body emits Biophotons (measurable light) and our soundscapes are designed to activate your energetic luminosity. A feeling of glowing more and deeper is to be expected! 


When we sound and sing from our hearts in a group setting our innate heart intelligence is activated: our bodies and hearts start to biochemically attune and pulse in harmony with all that is. Its experienced as a depth of stillness and silence. Of deep connection and oneness. And a peaceful humming of the heart. 


Our current reality is a reflection of our vibrational state and changing our frequency, changes our reality! The journey is designed to support you in raising your vibration and shift your frequency into deeper resonance with your highest potential. This is also experienced as a deeper connection to and alignment with your soul. 

Our Sound Practices

Our daily sound practice is the main anchor for the residential journeys we offer. Our sound practice has many different forms, some very participatory and some are very receptive. Here is a list of our current practices – which are ever evolving as we are constantly and curiously exploring the power of our voices, practices and sound journeys and adjusting them based on our experiences and insights. 

Yoga of Sound and Voice

  • daily tuning with tuning forks,

  • opening our voice and channel

  • releasing stuck energy through sacred seed syllables

  • activating chakras through toning

  • devotional singing 

  • healing sound circles 

  • mantras

  • free your voice

  • breathwork

Sound Journeys

​Our sound journeys destress, move stuck energy, recharge and activate our multi-dimensionality using gongs, tuning forks, crystal bowls, flutes and many more. 

Sometimes we work with thematic sound journeys such as dream incubation, inner child journeying and shamanic journeying

Singing Circles & Kirtan

We come together daily to sing ourselves alive. We embrace all singing traditions.

Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Temple Day of Toning

  • Peruvian Whistling Vessels Rituals

  • Healing Chamber

  • Full Moon Ceremonies

  • Water Blessings

Our intention is to embody prayer as a way of serving the light for the highest good. Therefore we often open space for sonic rituals and ceremonies for healing, activation and transformation

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Human Tuning – John Beaulieu

Sound Healing and Values Visualization – John Beaulieu

Free Your Voice – Silvia Nakkach

Tibetan Sound Healing – Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

The Arcturian Anthology – Tom Kenyon 

The Hathors – Tom Kenyon

The Magdalene Manuscript – Tom Kenyon

Shifting Frequencies – Jonathan Goldman

Healing Sounds – Jonathan Goldman

Chakra Frequencies– Jonathan Goldman

Toning from Heaven – Githa Ben David

The Gate of Light – Lars Muhl

Music Medicine – Christine Stevens

The Naked Voice – Chloe Goodchild

Healing Mantras – Thomas Ashley-Farrand

The Yoga of Sound – Russil Paul

Shakti Mantras - Thomas Ashley-Farrand

Awakening Shakti – Sally Kempton

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