Who We Are

Our artists in residence facilitate and hold space for your journey during your residency. Here is the list of our team from our latest residency. No long residencies are planned for 2021. Watch this space for 2022

Our guest teachers are some of the best resident healers from the local area. 



Thomas Love Power

Founder of Sounds of Light & Multidimensional Sound Alchemist


Luna Feyth

Clarity & Embodiment Facilitator

this is bachan

Madeleine Bachan Kaur

Musical Muse and Kundalini Angel

This is aine

Áine Hanevy

Kundalini Yoga and Process Facilitator

this is Patrick

Patrick Jeffs

Spaceholder & Prayer Wizard

This is Anna

Anna Cotton

Shamanic Sound Faciliator

this is Kat

Katherine Alta Regina

Cacao and Sound Facilitator

This is astaria

Astaria Light

Cosmic Sound Alchemist

Non-Residential Guest Teachers


Keith Wilson

Cacao Shaman - a.k.a. the real 'Willy Wonka'


Greg Radicone

Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine