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The Magdalene Codes
A Pilgrimage of Soul Remembrance

May 11-18 South of France


At the base of the Mystical and Multidimensional mount Bugarach in South of France

In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and the Essene wisdom traditions of ancient Egypt.

We gather

In caves
On the mountain
In churches
In sacred waters
and in circle around our altars.

And through ritual, prayer and ceremony.

Anointed by the sacred medicines of cacao, blue lotus, ormus and rose.

We sing. We sound. We dance. We laugh.
We sweat. We rinse. We cry and we release.

We listen into the void

We hear the voices of our ancestors and intergalactic friends

And We Remember

The ancient ways of channeling our multidimensional selves into this world
Yielding its power to become deeper vessels of love and peace
And together

We gather courage

To shine our sacred purpose and light unapologetically into this life, our relations and our communities.
And we fall into deeper love & alignment with our soul path

And surrender

Our fears and resistance

And devote our lives to divine destiny

For the highest good of all

This coming May 11-18th 2024 we are gathering again at the foot of The Sacred Mountain Bugarach in the South of France - the epicenter of one of the strongest fields of Christed Consciousness on our planet. Mary Magdalene and the Essenes lived their sacred work on these lands after their banishment from Jerusalem. We will  join them on a pilgrimage on these sacred grounds. To initiate deep soul remembrance: what is my sacred work and where am I on my soul journey? To activate our Multidimensional powers through sound, ritual and ceremony: how can I embody my full soul potential?  To celebrate our light and awaken the ancient codes of the Feminine way of the Magdalenes; how can I lead my life and tribe from the heart? To empower our voice to channel healing sounds sourced from these lands and the field of Christed Consciousness. And to allow ourselves to heal, balance our masculine and feminine energies and ultimately fall deeper into love with life. 

This is also a roll call for all souls connected with the initiation archetype of Yeshua and Mary Magdelene and their Mystery School traditions. Of their sacred tantric sound practices to empower their love, light and service. An invitation to remember the tribal ways of the Essenes, their path of prayer and grounded light work in community. And a roll call to all beings who  resonate with the sound and energy technology of the Arcturians. Here is a personal invitation from Thomas, the founder of  Sounds of Light:

"I first encountered the Essenes through my sound initiations with Jonathan Goldman - and later heard of Mount Bugarach and the Magdalene codes from Tom Kenyon during his live retreats. Tom met the Arcturians (Yeshua and Mary Magdalene are arcturian avatars) in a UFO on top of Mount Bugarach and channeled his first sound transmission from the Arcturians and the Hathors on these sacred lands. Whenever I arrive in this field - and journey to the top of Bugarach - my multidimensional self lights up and I enter a timeless state of remembering, downloading parts of my self and getting massive clarity on my soul and life purpose. I invite you to join us in a tribal experience of remembering and activating our soul mission and to receive the transmission from the Arcturians, Yeshua and of course Mary Magdalene.  "

This pilgrimage consists of 1 week of multidimensional activation through:

  • Ancient sound practices especially the tantric chakra toning practice of the Essenes

  • Nature connection and communion with the elementals of these lands (including immersing in sacred waters)

  • Deep herbal cleansing protocol & Desert Rose Anointing Rituals 

  • Essene Venus Mudra Codes 

  • Rebirthing baptism & Ceremonial Vows

  • Vocal embodiment practices

  •  Ritual and ceremony supported by singing and cacao

  •  Tribal vibration and sacred circle

  •  Pilgrimage to some of the energetic vortex spots in this area incl. a special event at the top of Mount Bugarach

This journey takes place in a small intimate tribal setting.  In a private sanctuary on land with its own forrest, stream and waterfall. Directly facing Mount Bugarach.

How to get here: Flights to Toulouse and train, car or bus to the Village of Bugarach

(all explained upon signup)


Full Price 1330 Euros - payment plans available

Price included shared dorm accommodation (private room upgrades available),  3 vegan meals a day, daily cacao, blue lotus and rose rituals and Ormus activations. 

Small group journey with limited spots

Feeling called to join?


Learn more through the Sound Transmissions of Tom Kenyon: and

and the following books

Anna - Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong

The Arcturians - The Hathor Material - The Magdalene Manuscript by Tom Kenyon 

Chakra Frequencies by Joshua Goldman

The Law of Light and the O Manuscript by Lars Muhl

Pictures from last years Pilgrimage

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