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Our Deepest Devotional Journeys

Our Pilgrimages are portals into deep soul remembrance, devotional living and multidimensional activation. We organise yearly pilgrimages to sacred sites connected to our Mystery School Lineage of Ancient Egypt. We journey with sound, ritual, ceremony to activate our soul purpose and passion for personal and collective healing work and peace building. The Pilgrimages are not trainings or workshops and in general we call in participants who have been walking their path of awakening for some years and have reached a sense of mature grounding in their life where they have capacity to hold space for themselves and others. 

Sounds of Light is organising and leading the following pilgrimages in 2024

The Magdalene Codes - South of France May 11th - 18th

Sounds of Egypt - Resurrecting the Sound Temple
Egypt November 24th - December 5th

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