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Sacred Chocolate - an intergalactic love story...

Why drink chocolate ?

Why do we? For the taste, the feeling, its yumminess? For the love of Chocolate, right? Well, it seems we have been consuming Chocolate for a very long time... some say for more than 3000 years! And it remains one of this planets most important spiritual facilitators and plant medicines.

The story goes - according to Mayans, Aztecs and Toltecs - that once upon a time Cacao was brought here to planet Earth in the dark of night from another dimension outside time and space where the Mayan Gods hang out. It was the Mayan god Kukulkán - a.k.a. the Feathered Serpent - who smuggled a cacao tree out of that dimension to gift planet Earth and to share the sacred fruit, Cacao. It came to be revered as the Food of the Gods. The beans were fermented, sun-dried, roasted and ground into a paste - adding honey and chili to make ‘Chocolatl’ as it was named in Mayan. Chocolate! Cacao became a sacred plant medicine - known as Heart Blood - and used by the Mayans in ceremony to celebrate life, death and to connect to our divine essence through our hearts.

Over at least 3000 years later - the Cacao Spirit has come out the rain forest, the Mayan temples and ceremonial caves with a message: It is time to allow your heart to expand and guide you once more into being You. To tune you into the music and knowing wisdom of your heart.


Chocolate and Sound - a connection facilitator!

We use Chocolate (prepared from ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala) to assist us in dropping into our hearts. It allows the heart center to expand and activate - and offers an opportunity to journey into our light and dark shadow, to become more present with who we are and gives access to our magical selves. We use Sacred Sounds to hold space for these journeys. And in the Alchemical dance between Chocolate and Sound - a healing space opens where we can surrender deeply, release and let go and connect with our hearts, power and creativity.


If you want to dive deep into the mystery of ceremonial cacao we can recommend our friend and cacao mentor - a.k.a. the Real Willy Wonka of Chocolate - Keith Wilson and his blog:

Other ressources will be added soon. 

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