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Quantum Heart Medicine

Our magic at the Mystery School comes from our approach to and use of sound in our daily lives to heal and transform.  We are particularly inspired by Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and HeartMath in our understanding of how we create and influence our reality – and how this approach combined with sound can change our frequency and our brains to manifest new and more aligned realities. Basically how we can step out of our own way and into deeper alignment with our truest essence. 

Creating our reality

Quantum Physics states that our current reality is a reflection of our vibrational state. So when we change our vibration we get to experience a new reality. Through our sound practices we empower ourselves to understand and harness our vibration and live a life more in tune with our hearts and soul purpose. We raise our frequency through active vocal toning practices and sound journeys that purge certain stuck energies out of our field or retune and activate our energy centers. This work with sound often brings acute awareness to the thought forms, beliefs and values that keep our vibration stuck and loop undesired reality patterns. We often get in touch with deeply entrenched habits that just feel impossible to change. The challenge is to break with the stories about who we are that we have taken on over the years. Our sound journeys are designed to enter altered states of consciousness where we can access our subconscious operating system. Here we can take a look at the thoughts, beliefs, values and addictions that create these loops - and we can begin our work with weeding out beliefs that no longer serve and install new thoughts and values to drive new realities and futures. In other words unwiring old neural networks keeping you stuck in the past and rewiring your brain to fire new futures! 


Heart presence

The energy field of our hearts is one of the strongest forces of power in our work with sound and shifting realities. Research and experimentation show us that our hearts can create a very strong and powerful energy field and can be considered an engine for manifestation and a direct link to 5th dimensional knowing. If we don’t activate the hearts energy field we don't get as much out of our efforts with sound, in shifting reality or any other practice that we want to dive into. We activate the energy field of our hearts by cultivating heart presence and by cultivating coherent emotional states of gratitude and love. This has many physical benefits as our biochemistry is instantly influenced by these coherent states of emotion. We have Heart Math Technology on site where you can measure your heart coherency – and see your heart variability live - and learn when you are in and out of heart coherency. We always start our sound practices in the heart space where we press our smile and thank you buttons – this allows a radiant glow of energy to flow and activate our heart field fully to support our practice and amplify our intentions.  


Power of intention

Intention and imagination are key to harnessing sound its transformational power. We cultivate an attitude of setting intention in everything we do at the Mystery School. We embody our power as creators of our reality – and getting in tune with what we desire and how we want to live and create our lives – is one of the most important aspects of this journey. Often we are disconnected from the inspiration to really tap into to our true dreams and soul purpose. We support this re-connection by reigniting our childlike wonder and imagination and give ourselves permission to daydream and create our futures by imagining, visualizing and feeling them. Our magical formula for creating and manifesting our reality is:

Start with an intention of a desired reality – Then imagine your intention unfolding as your reality. – Next, add sound infused with an elevated emotional state of gratitude for receiving that new reality.

This is the core of the Mystery School teachings on manifesting – and a deep practice at the Sounds of Light Residencies.  

Quantum Jumping & 5th dimensional learning

Fusing Quantum Physics, Heart Presence and the power of intention is what creates the most potent magic at the Mystery School – and it is a constant joyous exploration of our human potential. Through this unique approach to our sound practices we access the 5th dimension, an energetic reality where all is known, where we can rest in coherent energy states of love, compassion and gratitude and where manifestation is instantaneous. Another aspect of this unique alchemy is what we term 'quantum jumping' – which is a the form of reality shifting that we engage in consciously through working with our vibration.

You can learn more about this field in the video here: art of ascension

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