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Sound Healing, Nature and Heart Circle Retreat in the Norwegian Mountains

August 16-22 2021

Jotunheimen, Norway

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We are a Mystery School of Sound Healing exploring the healing and transformational power of sound, cacao and circle. We are a portal for ascension and offer hands on initiations into the path of sound healing. Our medicine is an alchemy of sound, song, cacao, quantum physics and neuroscience shared by a heart-centered community of practitioners. Participating in our residential program holds the potential to radically shift your life around and discover what makes you come alive and be supported to go share that with the world. 


Join our Sound and Cacao Tribe

Imagine waking up to the sound of hummingbirds, the waves of Lago Atitlan, the wind in the trees, the rumbling volcano far off in the distance  – and knowing that warm ceremonial cacao and sound practice is next. Your heart flutters! A new day to tune in to being you and sink deeper into exploring your path, purpose and play. Another day of diving deep into the sound and cacao portal. A day to say YES to you and fully activate your magic and allow more of who you came to be in this life. To let go of what no longer serves you and shine your heart and light brightly. To free your voice and sing your life alive. To laugh and be touched by your community. To feel home and safe to share your authentic self in all its colors – whilst being supported by a tribe who are all excited to feel and see all of you.


Sound and Cacao Alchemy

 Our medicine is an alchemy of sound, song, cacao, ceremony, ritual, quantum physics and neuroscience within a heart-centered community. Working with sound and cacao for years has left us deeply intrigued and fascinated with how the power of sound - alchemised with cacao – gives access to profound healing and transformation. People swiftly drop into their hearts, tap into their truth, experience their essence, call in their purpose and unleash their magic. Working with sound can offer a fast pathway to releasing our creative blocks and enables us to find our unique creative path off the beaten track of consensus reality. It seems that Sound opens a portal for us to step more into ourselves – allowing us to come back online with who we came to be and live out our life's calling and purpose.