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Written Testimonials

"Since the training in guatemala and the pilgrimage SO MUCH has opened up for me.
I went trough many anxiety’s, old beliefs around myself and my voice and a lot of resistance AND it was so worth it!! The timeline shift is truly happening and I feel so joyful and empowered and also such an URGE to share my voice.

Before the training in Guatemala I always was pretty nervous singing in front of other people, that my breath got short and I „swallowed“ the last word of the sentences.. also I focused more on singing „right and beautiful“ which didn’t allow me to truly drop into my voice when I was with others. 

After the training this was gone. And now I sing in front of 150 people and feel so in tune.. and so centered. And so me. And it’s so joyful!  and I love my voice… just the way it is. It’s just pure light. 

Honestly I feel like such a new creation that it’s difficult to look back to the times before the training.My path aligned. I quit the things that were not in tune anymore and made many adjustments towards me and my needs. I overcame the anxiety to be too much or to destroy the space with my voice or sounds. I understood that my presence and every sound I make is a gift and that I am so welcome, the way I am. I owned so deeply who I am and why I am here with no more questioning. 

I am deeply grateful for Thomas by my side as he is such pure and authentic EMBODIEMENT of Soundhealing. He is Soundhealing in a body. He has so much knowledge and also so much depth in his soul and his intention is so pure and light.. this is very rare to find. I love how he weaves with the energy’s present in the moment and how he reads the field intuitively. Also how joyful and honest he is with the group.

And of course.. the Soundhealing! It is literally from another world - and I love this world!" 

Jule Marai, participant in our Facilitator Initiation in 2023 (

"I am incredibly grateful for the transformative journey I experienced in the Sounds of Light Facilitator Initiation led by a phenomenal guide and sound alchemist, Thomas Owen Kiernan. From the very beginning, I felt a profound sense of safety that allowed me to explore and liberate my voice in ways I had never imagined.

Thomas is not just an instructor; he is a gifted guide who creates a sacred container where authenticity is not only encouraged, but celebrated. The course provided a space for me to delve into the depths of my own sound, unlocking hidden reservoirs of expression and healing. I found myself gaining confidence in holding a sacred container for others, a skill I thought would take forever to master.

Thomas's expertise and intuitive guidance were truly remarkable. His ability to create an atmosphere of trust and support allowed me to fully embrace the power of sound and the healing properties of cacao. The course has been a life-altering experience, equipping me with the tools and confidence to share these sacred practices with others.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Thank you, Thomas, for your unwavering dedication and the gift of your g
uidance. I am forever changed.

Sarabeth Sulio - participant in our Facilitator Initiation 2022 and in our Magdalene Pilgrimage 2023 (

Attending the three-week Sound Healer Facilitator Training in Guatemala has been an absolute transformational journey for me. I chose this training because something deep inside me resonated with it and I heard a call from beyond... What opened up for me during this immersive experience was a profound connection with sound as a healing modality. Before this training, I had some experience in hosting cacao and sound ceremonies but after the training I can say that I have unlocked a way deeper understanding in working with sound and cacao. Especially in connecting to healing frequencies and spiritual helpers and translate and channel that through instruments and my voice. 

In terms of my personal empowerment, I discovered my ability to channel sound frequencies for healing purposes. This newfound skill not only empowered me personally but also allowed me to witness incredible transformations in others. One of the most important things I have learned is to get out of the way myself and let the healing come through. It is not me that is doing the healing, I just have to be an open channel and let the healing come though. This was a big one for me. 

The quality of the training was exceptional. The intuitively guided program was packed with magical group and voice opening exercises, instrument training, daily cacao ceremonies and sooo much more. Diving into ancient and modern sound healing techniques, from thousand year old Buddhist practices to working with tuning forks. It was all hitting the right spot for me. 
Thomas is a true master in his craft. His expertise, coupled with his passion for teaching, created a nurturing environment where I felt supported and at times challenged but always encouraged to explore and expand my abilities. Together, the facilitators created a safe space for the group to explore, experiment, and make mistakes. 

Overall, this experience has been life-changing. I not only gained a lot of knowledge and skills but also found a tribe of like-minded people on similar journeys. The three weeks in Guatemala will forever hold a special place in my heart as a very important point in my personal and professional growth. 

Dennis Kokmeijer - participant in Sound Healing Facilitator Training in 2023 (

 "I attended the Sounds of Light ‘Sound Healing Facilitator Training’ in Guatemala in 2023.  I had already been offering sound healing and went with the intention to deepen my relationship with sound and Cacao medicine.  The retreat was transformational.  During my integration period in the weeks that followed, I experienced a sustained level of frequency much higher than before.  My difficult relationship with my voice resolved and is now integral to my work.  I met ancient sound healers that are now my teachers.  I have more confidence and trust in my intuitive senses. This didn’t just happen by spending a month in paradise.  Thomas’ ability to create a container of safety, compassion and trust is premier.  The energetic field surrounding the group was impenetrable.  It was so natural and easy to be vulnerable and allow long-standing resistance and blockages to dissolve.  The training was well organized and I always felt safe physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thomas is as skilled a retreat facilitator as I have encountered in many years of attending retreats.  I highly recommend this and any other retreats/trainings offered by Sounds of Light.  
Jack Howard -

I did the 3-week one in Guatemala in April and also the Pilgrimage in France. It’s hands down one of the deepest most profound containers I’ve participated in. 

I notice the impact on on a daily basis. I experience nature differently - way more depth and my approach to coaching completely changed. 
Since I started to work with Thomas and the fields he holds. I noticed, as a sensitive being,that I get less overwhelmed & my capacity to hold my self increased big time. Thomas holds a strong field both connected to the elementals as well as the higher dimensional beings. He truly lets the program of the retreat unfold through deep listening. Therefore I experience his containers as very in tune. The groups are usually experienced facilitators or people who have been on this path for some time. I’ve been in workshops / retreats with him over the last five years and he is absolutely one of the most embodied integrated facilitators I have experienced.

Celeste December -
Participated in our Sound Healing Facilitator Training n 2023 and in our Magdalene Pilgrimage 2023

The Sounds Of Light Facilitator training stretched, opened and expanded me into a new reality beyond my dreams. Thomas is a very gifted facilitator and guide and works with sound in a very profound way in which he opens spaces for deep healing. He creates safe, experiential and playful containers in which I discovered new depths of my being and also of my potential when it comes to functioning as a sacred sound channel. 
It’s where I found a very special connection with tribe that meet me on a deep soul level. I just knew in my heart I had to be there and it was so worth every step it took to get there. Thank you so much Thomas 💛

Vivian -
Vivian articipated in our Sound Healing Facilitator Training in 2022 and in our Sound & Nature Retreat in Norway 2022

It’s hard to put this journey into words… the image of a catapult is what’s coming up first. It opened my multidimensionality in new ways. Something new, and yet, something I deeply remembered. My connection to source is strengthened, and yet, my feet are fiercely on the ground. Walking the path with more clarity and dedication. Fears and blockages that prevented me from being seen were being cleared out. It taught me to listen deeply and wait for the right moment to act. This makes me more confident and more productive. In the months after the training, I finally finished my book, started facilitating groups and ceremonies and maybe most importantly, I reconnected with my innate joy and innocence. Finding joy in being a beginner with all of my new instruments, instead of being judgemental or too focused on the result. Forever grateful and excited for all the blessed souls that may embark on this journey…

Lion -
Participated in our Sound Healing Facilitator Training in 2023

With love and gratitude I support and celebrate the beautiful spaces that Thomas create and hold with so much care.

I’ve known Thomas as a facilitator and a friend for many years, and I’ve witnessed him refine his offerings year after year.
In addition to his loving heart and kind being, he is extremely knowledgeable and this is felt as he shares and transmits his excitement for music, sound, song, the elements, nature, and magic!
He is a very talented musician as well as a solid facilitator creating safe spaces to deeply listen to the beating of our own hearts and to express our hearts through our own unique sound, and in that way creating potent medicine for and from our whole being to both receive and share.

Tuva -
Participated in our Sound Healing Facilitator Training in 2018 and in our Sound & Nature retreat in Norway in 2022

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