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Practitioner Residency

 You have been asking for it - and we have listened!


Here it is: The Practitioner Residency!

An invitation to all of you who have taken the Yoga of Sound and Chocolate training or did our Empowerment Residency.

What if you could continue spreading your sound magic, experimenting and growing within a co-created container with people who took that same empowerment journey with you? With tribe who are all on the same journey, some maybe longer than others, but all opening, expanding, tapping into their creative potential, putting themselves out there. What if, there was a playground, were you can dive deeper into your own foundation, and deepen the relationships with the medicines you carry, while simultaneously having a space to create together, play together, experiment together, explore, exchange and support each other. Where you go beyond any feelings of competition, but instead support each other to shine brightly and bring out your unique talents and gifts. The Practitioner Residency is that playground and home for deepening your relationship to sound, cacao and community. A space for you to continue your learning journey and fully integrate your powerful initiations and activations from our trainings. A space to fully embody and dedicate yourself to your practice of sound and cacao. A space to grow as a practitioner and facilitator and live for months immersed deep in practice, play and  creativity. Maybe you are ready to start experimenting with new ideas or share a new offering that has been brewing in your heart. The Practitioner Residency allows you to safely play and create with  a likeminded community of practice and the full support and excitement of fellow practitioners

Our practitioner residencies are not facilitated trainings but a platform for the unfolding of your own journey while being safely held within a community embedded in daily practices of sound and cacao. A platform with spaciousness to listen to your inner guidance, to step out of your comfort zone, to explore every layer of your infinite creative potential and where curiosity and co-creative energies come alive when we decide to live in community with like minded practitioners and tribe. 

Taking residency as a Practitioner also involves a greater responsibility to embody the rhythm of community and practice – as well as embodying the special heart-centered way of life birthed by our community of sound and chocolate. Expect to step up your own dedication  and commitment to co-create, self-organize, facilitate and execute all aspects of a thriving community of practice. 


We will have different themes for some of the Practitioner Residencies as we will bring in different master teachers to colour the Residencies: Classical Indian Music and Singing, Egyptian High Alchemy and Sonic Initiations, Medicine Songs and Practices and much more. As a practitioner feel free to suggest ideas and come with suggestions of teachers you are inspired by or would like to dive deeper with. 

Your Practitioner Residency includes:


  • Daily sound and cacao morning practice.

  • Full access to facilities including main Shala, smallShala, sauna and dark room retreat.

  • Access to selection of instruments and vibrational tools – incl pandora star light machine. 

  • Space to offer workshops and events – and other healing services. 

  • Vegan meals and access to kitchen – meals are community organized and lead by our Residential Chef.  

  • Weekly cacao ceremony and/or Plant Walks with Keith Wilson

  • On site access to experienced resident healers of the lake incl Chinese medicine, 

  • acupuncture, Mayan astrology and body work. 

  • Option for deeper apprenticeship with the Mystery School and on site Artists in Residency. 

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