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Our Home

Mystical Yoga Farm, Lago Atitlán in Guatemala

Our Home for the Mystery School's Residential Programme for February-March 2020 is the Mystical Yoga Farm at Lago Atitlán, Guatemala. Lake Atitlán is a powerful vortex and ally for our healing and ascension. Its vibrational field will support your lightbody to activate and your shadow to come to the surface for healing. There is a myth saying that there is a crystal temple at the bottom of the lake, a portal to an ancient Atlantian mystery school. Some say this portal is still active and that one can go there in dream time and study magic in another dimension. 

Facilities at Mystical Yoga Farm

Practice Spaces

We have 1 large enclosed ceremonial practice space and 2 large open practice spaces all with views of Lake Atitlan. 


Instrument Library

We have an extensive and ever expanding library of instruments and vibrational tools at our disposal to support our practices. We have Tone of Life and Paiste Gongs, native american flutes, bird whistles, mayan clay flutes, Peruvian Whistling Vessels, tuning forks, crystal bowls, tibetan singing bowls, drums, shrutis, harmoniums, duduks, duclar, conches, buffalo horns, monochords, guitars, classical indian tampura, ngoni and much much more. 

Sound Chamber

We have a unique Ohm-Dome for deeply exploring the power and sound of your voice. 


Community Space

We have a sweet community space  We eat all our meals here. There is also an extensive tea station. 


Tea Temple

We have an amazing tea temple with a beautiful view of Lago Atitlan. 



The Mystical Yoga Farm is situated in real lush micro climate on the side of a volcano –  there is a lush garden and medicinal plants in abundance We will explore the realms of the plant devas with the Master Herbalists Keith Wilson. He can teach us to tune into the subtle vibrational field of plants and communicate directly with the plant devas. This will allow us to connect deeper with our own intuition. 



Alters are portals for our multidimensional allies, angels, guides and devas to support us. We work with alters to remember the power of connection to our star family, guides and the earth. We have alters inside and outside – and we spend a lot of time keeping them vibrationally aligned and happy. We also include crystal grids in our alters to activate the flow of multidimensional energy and support to our space and our journeys. 


Fire Pit

We have a large ceremonial fire pit where we offer fire ceremonies of different traditions to support our journeys. 



We have weekly sweats to support our bodies and to connect with the singing lineages of the sweat lodge. The sauna is woodfired and located right next to the lake!


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