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Artist Residency

Are you ready to fully commit to your path as a facilitator and space-holder?

Is it time for you to share your magic in the field of sound healing, music, healing arts and cacao ceremony? Are you ready to fully commit to your path as a facilitator and space-holder? To fully show up and serve your medicine in the light for the highest good? To be passionately present and dare to be the grounding anchor in the midst of peoples darkest night of the soul – and in their most expansive and transformative healing experiences? To lead by example? And at the same time unleash your own curiosity, creativity and art to birth your next level of your magic? 

Artist in Residency is our creative and practical foundation for our Healing, Empowerment and Practitioner Residencies. It is an opportunity to embody your potential as a facilitator and space-holder for our ever-evolving community of sound and cacao practice. Your role will be one of creative and practical leadership of our community of practice in deep collaboration with the Creative Director, Manager of the Mystery School and the rest of the Artists in Residency. You will facilitate the practices - and the organization of them - as well as hold space for the ongoing healing and transformational processes. You will get to serve the community and the residents as well as dive deep in your own art and share your own unique offerings and skills – all in alignment and support of the vision of the Mystery School. 


You can apply for our Artist in Residency program if:


  • You are a member of our Pool of Practitioners. The pool is our community of practitioners who have either completed our Empowerment Residency or participated in our Yoga of Sound and Chocolate trainings in the past. Practitioners need to have fully embodied the medicine of sound and cacao and started offering this medicine regularly – as well as being fully committed to their path. We recommend our Practitioners to spend minimum 1 month in our Practitioner Residency – or a similar dedicated integration space - before applying for our Artist Program.  

  • You are a sound healer, musician, alternative healer or artist who has a unique skill set and minimum 3-4 years of teaching and facilitation experience in the field of sound healing, music therapy and other relevant healing modalities that are in alignment with the Vision of the Mystery School and support our Residential Program. 

What does being an Artist in Residency incl and involve?


  • A minimum 3 month full time commitment to serving the ongoing Residential Program Cycles – see calendar for more info

  • Creating and leading daily sound and cacao practices, sound healing journeys, workshops, heart sharing circles and practical tasks involved in running our Residential Program. 

  • Space holding and facilitating ongoing healing and transformation processes – this also includes being available for processes that occur outside scheduled practice times. 

  • Access to our facilities when they are not used by Residential Program. These includes main and small Shala and dark room retreat for sound experiences as well as all communal living spaces.  

  • Access to all ceremonies and rituals on site – and special retreats. 

  • Access to our library of instruments and frequency and light healing technology.

  • Support and coaching from the Creative Director of the School. And an opportunity to take a deeper and individually designed apprenticeship with the Mystery School. 

  • Simple but single accommodation provided. 

  • Daily Vegan meals and daily Cacao

  • Financial stipend depending on level of responsibility and experience. 

  • The joy and growth that comes with living in conscious community! 

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