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Testimonials from previous Norway Retreats

When the threshold is removed
When the child feels safe to reemerge
When sound and Nature is the catalyst

I grow
I come to know
And be
All that

Daring, intenting, activating, cultivating and fearlessly creating
My wonders
My heart
My Music
My life

The Sound and Nature Retreat in Norway is still alive in me with its magical frequency.
It is the deepest merge I have ever experienced with Nature - and with my inner musician.
Now, I am a Natural Musician 🎶🌊

Kamla Marie - 2022 August retreat
I n i t i a t i o n
I have been initiated by nature. By the force of raw and pure life. Touching my deepest essence.

It took me to my knees. Into my deepest suffering and despair. I let go of deep pain and in that created a space that only wanted to be filled with my love and care.

I let go of who I thought I was and opened myself to who I am.
I feel stronger than ever before, I feel my worth and I feel so raw, primal and deeply alive.

I am a new me.

Britta 2022 August Retreat
"I attended this retreat last summer and it changed my life. It allowed me to take a quantum step on my path of self-discovery and healing. The landscape is stunning. The container is safe at ultra high frequency. The facilitators are world class, loving and compassionate beings. Feel free to DM me if you would like more information from an attendees perspective. So much love and gratitude to you, Thomas and Steffi "

Jack - 2022 June Retreat

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