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John Lack

Group Facilitator & Musician

John is a passionate musician and facilitator for personal development. His mission is to facilitate spaces in which people can experience what their essence, aliveness and unconditional love feels like. He is the founder of the personal development program “Essence – A Journey to Self” and works as a facilitator at The School of Life Berlin, as a Coach for Mindfulness & Embodiment and as a Trainer for Non Violent Communication.
His musical journey has been guiding him for 20+ years to playing in various bands, as a singer-songwriter and as a facilitator of emergent group spaces working with sound.
With Thomas he has co-created The Sound Field - a live music & sound experience that supports groups to experience their own aliveness, to move into new ranges of emotion and energy and surrender to their present moment experience. Sound and music is thus used to guide groups into live emergence - to basically follow the breadcrumbs to what really wants to happen.

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