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Our next Empowerment Residency is 1st of February - 15th of March 2020

Our next Soul Activation Retreat is February 1st - February 22nd 2020

Our Residential Programme is a dedicated healing and empowerment space designed to assist in awakening your highest potential as a magical being of light in a human body. Every Residency is a stepping stone to your path and purpose – and also an invitation to become a life long member of our community and eventually be able to serve and co-create as a practitioner or an artist in residency. 

Soul Activation Retreat

Release, Re-Wild and Re-Connect
Activate your Purpose, Passion and Play

Soul Activation is our 3 week transformational sound healing retreat for people who are ready to make big shifts in their lives by releasing limiting beliefs, thought patterns, behaviours and addictions - and aligning their path to their soul's deepest desires and calling in life. The retreat is designed to activate your heart, health, healing, purpose, passion and play -  allowing a process of initiation and embodiment of your soul's potential.

It is a deep experiential immersion into the healing power of your voice and sound and will facilitate profound healing and transformation.

Soul Activation Retreat

Empowerment Residency

Are you ready to fully activate your potential and embody your power as a sacred sound and song channel and facilitator?

Our Sound and Chocolate Empowerment Residency is a unique 6 week long alchemy of retreat and training that will enable you to facilitate healing and transformational journeys using sacred sound and cacao as medicine. The Residency is a two-step experiential, learning-by-doing journey of empowerment. Starting with our Soul Activation Retreat, you will take a deep experiential dive into the healing and transformational potential of the medicine of sound and cacao. You will experience and embody different sound practices designed to move energies in yourself to activate, expand and fully align with your soul potential. You will be exposed to many different forms of sound practice, ritual and ceremony – and learn how these practices support healing and access your intuition and creativity.

Then you will enter a 3 week accelerated learning journey where you will be safely guided into discovering and sharing your own power as a sacred sound channel and facilitator of sacred sound journeys. 

Empowerment Residency

Practitioner Residency

An invitation to all of you who have taken the Yoga of Sound and Chocolate training or completed our Empowerment Residency.

What if you could continue spreading your sound magic, experimenting and growing with people who took that same empowerment journey with you? With tribe who are all on the same journey, some maybe longer than others, but all opening, expanding, tapping into their creative potential, putting themselves out there.  The Practitioner Residency is our learning space for you to learn and grow and continue deepening your relationship to sound, cacao and community. As a practitioner you will both have space to dive into the practices offered in the retreats and residencies as well as the learning through service, support and sharing.  


Artist Residency

Are you ready to fully commit to your path as a facilitator and space-holder?

Artist in Residency is our creative and practical foundation for our Retreats and Residencies. It is an opportunity to embody your potential as a facilitator and space-holder for our ever-evolving community of sound and cacao practice. Your role will be one of creative and practical leadership of our community of practice in deep collaboration with the Creative Director and Lead Facilitators. You will facilitate the practices - and the organisation of them - as well as hold space for the ongoing healing and transformational processes. You will get to serve the community and the residents as well as dive deep in your own art and share your own unique offerings and skills – all in alignment and support of the vision of the Mystery School. 


Our Home

Mystical Yoga Farm, Lago Atitlán, Guatemala

Our Home for the Mystery School and our Residential Programme for Spring 2020 is the Mystical Yoga Farm at Lago Atitlán, Guatemala.

Lake Atitlán is a powerful vortex and ally for our healing and ascension. Its vibrational field will support your lightbody to activate and your shadow to come to the surface for healing. There is a myth saying that there is a crystal temple at the bottom of the lake, a portal to an ancient Atlantian mystery school. Some say this portal is still active and that one can go there in dream time and study magic in another dimension. 

our home
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