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Soul Activation Retreat

 Our Soul Activation Retreat is our long transformational sound healing retreat designed to empower you to live a heart-driven life using sound to raise your vibration, heal and unlock your soul´s potential, creativity, voice, purpose, passion and play. And to nurture your dreams and trust in stepping into your highest path!​


No Soul Activation Retreat in 2021. We will gather in the Norwegian Mountains for a special Sound, Nature and Circle Deep Dive. August 16-22 2021


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Our Soul Activation retreat is suited for people who are ready to make big shifts in their lives through releasing old limiting beliefs, thought patterns, behaviours and addictions - and aligning their path to their souls deepest desires and calling in life. The retreat is designed to activate your heart, voice, healing, purpose, passion and playfulness -  allowing a deep process of embodying your souls potential.  Our medicine is an alchemy of sound healing, song, ritual & ceremonies, cacao, movement, quantum meditations and community connection. We will support you in finding your authentic self, your heart, your magic and to slowly come into deeper alignment with your true nature and essence. It is a deep experiential immersion into the healing power of your heart, voice and sound and will facilitate deep transformation. You can learn more about the Power of our Sound Medicine here



Our Soul Activation retreat consists of different thematic transformational processes that we weave together through a mix of daily practices, thematic journeys, rituals and ceremonies:


We were born as free, expressive and creative souls - however most of us were shut down early in childhood and carry either trauma, conditioning or beliefs that inhibit our free and authentic expression. Through breathwork, toning practices, mantras, deep gong journeys, shamanic ritual, somatic bodywork, acupuncture and ecstatic dance we will release trauma, conditioning and beliefs stored in our bodies and minds..


Daily movement, sound practice and sound journeys will reset and relax your nervous system. Drinking cacao and meditating with your heart daily will also tune you in to the present moment and bring you back into a calm, centered and balanced state of mind and emotional coherence.  Through sound and quantum meditations you will untangle neuro-circuitry in your brain that reinforce limiting beliefs – and totally rewire your brain to believe in new futures fueled by your imagination and heart.


We were born to sing, express and create, yet most of us have the experience of losing that freedom and spontaneity as small children. We were often shut down in our creative expression and truth. Through daily vocal practices and activations you will reconnect to your wild uninhibited inner child,  free your voice, release limiting beliefs and open your creative channel. We will sound ourselves alive daily and tap into a flow of divine inspiration.


Our retreat is a safe space to truly feel all that is alive in you. A space to be seen and held with love and compassion and be supported to free yourself from the past and curiously speak your future alive. Our space is known for its capacity to cultivate vulnerability, authenticity, connection, presence and safety allowing us to release what no longer serves and revealing our true innocence. Allowing old wounds and full range of emotions to be touched and witnessed as well as allowing all emotions - from tears of grief to laughter and joy. This is both extremely courageous and often a messy process. We love to hold space for that through loving presence, sharing circles, personal space holding and authentic relating.


 We will be immersed in a few select and potent vocal sound practices which will support you in freeing and embodying the power of your voice as a tool to shift your frequency, move stuck energy and impact your reality, for your self and others. You will become intimately attuned to your own frequency and learn how to tune your self into alignment using your own voice, intention and energy awareness. You will leave the retreat with a daily sound practice that you can integrate back into your daily life. 


When we raise our vibration and become really present with our emotional state, we gain access to all the feelings, habits, stories and aspects of ourselves that we don't see in our daily lives - also known as our blind spots and shadow. Our shadow is that part of us we cant see, don't want others to see and aspects of ourselves we have either suppressed or that were suppressed in childhood. We consider shadow work a cornerstone of an integrated awakening journey and support this process through personal space holding, dream work, personal processing tools and sharing circles.


Over the years we have cultivated a unique alchemy of cacao, sound and prayer. We love how cacao gives us access to our intuition, and hearts, and leads to a very expanded state of awareness. This is truly one of the planets most feminine heart teachers and communing with her for 3 weeks will offer a deep journey into your heart and initiation into the cosmic heart.


Daydreaming and tuning into the infinite potential in the quantum field was second nature to us as children. We allowed our imagination and joy to spontaneously guide us moment to moment. Most of us have lost touch with this natural capacity to dreamweave. We will engage an alchemical practice of imagination, visualisation, sounds and elevated emotions to re-awaken our magical ability to dream our lives alive. And employ the practice of creating a Sigil, a symbolic manifestation template, supported by the latest quantum meditations and ancient ancestral manifestation rituals. You will be invited to rediscover the power of directing your life force energy through setting sound infused intention and expressing gratitude every day.


Our capacity to integrate our experiences, expansions, activations and insights will be supported through periods of silence and time connecting with the elements of nature. We will be surrounded by Lake Atitlan, volcanoes, bird song and a lush garden - and vast silence. We will also be offering lake swims, sweats, fire circles, paddle boarding and hikes to support integration.


Sound is a carrier-wave of consciousness and you will experience the sound journeys as multi-dimensional portals to access your consciousness, guides and soul contracts – and assist you in remembering who you are and why you came to earth. During the sound journeys you may receive profound messages and download parts of your magic that is waiting to be reunited with you


Are you truly walking your unique path of creative expression and soul purpose? Your heart knows the answer and can guide your way! During your stay you will learn how to tap into the intelligence and power of your heart.  And through sound journeys and experiential exercises you will be able to discover and define a true heart centered vision for your life. You may experience it as a natural process of alignment to the wisdom of your heart and soul. You will have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and reawaken your imagination, intuition, dreams and desires to flow freely again.


We  cultivate a ceremonial temple space where we create altars, set intentions daily and commune with our hearts, guides and inner knowing. Through heart meditations and sound practices we consciously open our channel and enter coherent emotional states that activate our healing potential. We cultivate this energy state every day to empower our capacity to live life from this heart energy. Through rituals, healing circles and ceremonies we explore the power of intention and heart coherency to channel healing energy for the well being of all.


Our Soul Activation Retreat supports the depth of your practice, healing and activation. It takes place once every year. Next retreat is 1st-22nd of February 2020. The Soul Activation retreat is also the first module of our Empowerment Residency. You can take the Soul Activation Retreat on its own or as part of the 6 week long Empowerment Cacao and Sound Facilitator Initiation. Our Soul Activation Retreat takes place at the Mystical Yoga Farm - see more here 

 What you can expect of the retreat:

  • Sound and Cacao practices – vocal activation, toning, mantra, bhajans and pure sound experiences

  • Movement and Embodiment practices 

  • Intention setting

  • Time to be with yourself and nature 

  • Sound journeys and Singing circles

  • Meditations to tap into the Quantum Field of your infinite potential

  • Practices to explore your creativity

  • Processing support and space holding

  • Heart Sharing Circles

  • Prayer practices 

  • New moon and Full moon ceremonies

  • Nature walks and possibility for excursions

  • Cacao ceremonies with Keith Wilson 

  • Weekly integration days where you are free of schedule. ​

  • Daily Access to our Ohm-Dome, our special Sound Chamber 

  • Saunas, lake swims and paddle-boarding

  • Sound Temple Day – a day long sound and prayer ritual. 

  • Silence 

  • Access to extra healing packages with resident and guest healers, body therapists, acupuncturists and astrologers  

  • Community service also known as Karma Yoga  

  • Small group (max 22 participants and 10 facilitators and healers in residence) 

  • Shared accommodation (2-4 beds per room) – option for private accommodation. 

  • Vegan high vibe nutrition to support your journey.

Discover our home here

Our Soul Activation retreat takes place once every year. Next retreat is 1st-22nd of February 2020. 

Sample Schedule for Soul Activation Retreat


We tune the daily schedule to the flow and needs of the group for the highest good. Some days the schedule will be different due to special rituals and ceremonies. 

06.00-07.00 Movement Practice

07.00-09.00 Sound and Cacao practice

09.00-10.00 Breakfast .

10.00-13.00 Theme Practice: Manifestation Sound Journey – Essene Mystery School Toning Practice

13.00-16.00 Lunch and free time – opportunity for nature walks, lake swim, sauna, massage, mentoring

15.00-16.00 Deep Listening (silence and integration)

16.30-18.00 Gong Bath

18.00-19.30 Dinner

20.00-21.00 Sacred Singing Fire Circle 

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