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Selma Jørgensdatter Aargaard

Herbalist & Plant Wisdom Guide

Selma is a wonderer, herbal medicine woman, a child of nature and a student of
mystery. Her path is led by an infinite awe of existence, and fueled by a burning
curiosity for the yet unseen.

After a decade of adventurous nomad life around the world, she returned home to
Norway to reconnect with her nordic roots, and has since then been devoted to
reclaiming a cyclical way of living; in attunement with the rhythm of the earth and in
harmony with the inner and outer seasons.
Selma is a Sounds of Light alumni, and is using sound and voice as a gateway to the
subtle realms, and as a personal practice of exploring and expressing the nuances of
her inner emotional landscape.

A lover of the plant realm, Selma is the founder of móðir, a portal of which she shares
her herbal medicine and wildcrafted products. She is a student of various traditions of
herbal medicine, astrology and alchemy, and is passionate about holistic health.
Her living apothecary will be available for everyone during the training.

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