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Embodiment Facilitator & Musician
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Annemijn is a yoga teacher, embodiment coach and group facilitator working with embodiment, connection, sound and plant medicines. 

Embodiment has clearly been a theme throughout her life. Moving the body has been a way to empty the mind, feel energized and also deal with challenging situations in life. Annemijn started her journey of teaching embodiment with yoga classes, after she has personally experienced that yoga has helped her to get back on her feet after giving birth to her daughter. This is also where she has been introduced to the practice of singing mantras. Afterwards, her embodiment and facilitation journey unfolded further with participating in many embodiment, intimacy and group field trainings. With her drive and passion for personal development, growth and living her truth, she keeps on discovering new layers on her journey. Which allows her to inspire others by living and sharing her embodied truth and light.

Annemijn considers the body as a vessel of the soul. Our bodies carry so much wisdom and will show us the way. Even though sometimes not knowing where exactly the path is going, again and again choosing to follow the bread crumbs that feel true in the moment.

Key elements in her teachings are slowing down to truly connect with your body, soften, open and be present to feel and breathe with whatever is arising in the moment. Often in slowing down there is so much more that can and wants to be felt. And then from this place of true connection with oneself, what is the truest expression that can emanate from there, either in movement, connection or sound.

What Annemijn is stretching into in the training is to be completely true to herself and daring to trust and follow her intuition in what wants to unfold. Trust her inner wisdom and bring herself in, and lead from this place. Offering embodiment in a way that is attuned and serving to the field that emerges. Curious to discover in what ways we can combine embodiment, inner connection, sound and building the group field. Serving the field while also receiving the transmissions of the training and learn from the wisdom of the group. Let’s connect deep inside ourselves, and see how we can grow together into our full potential and unique expressions of our truth.

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