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Robin Olsen

Group Facilitator & Musician

With roots deeply grounded in a shamanic tradition and a lifelong passion for the spiritual realm, I have explored and immersed myself in the magical world of sound and primal energy. My name is Robin Andreas Olsen, and I am a holistic coach and shamanic practitioner focusing on creating free flow in energy through dynamic movement, breathwork, and sound expression.
Over the past decade, I have delved into the study of shamanism, and through my practice, I have found my expertise lies in exploring and promoting free flow in energy. I believe in the power of sound as a primal expression and a tool for transformation, and I am passionately committed to sharing this wisdom with others.
Through my work as a coach and practitioner, I aim to inspire others to find their inner voice, restore balance in body and soul, and explore the power of sound and movement as tools for personal growth and healing

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