Sound Healing, Nature and Heart Circle Retreat

We invite you on a unique alchemical journey of sound, nature and circle in the Norwegian Mountains of Jotunheimen. Our purpose is to come into deep embodied resonance with our true nature, authentic aliveness and primal energy. We will free our voices and immerse in sound and singing. Surrender to and move with our hearts and present moment aliveness in circle. And sink deep into the earth and raw energy of the ancient and pristine Norwegian nature.

We have two offerings at Soleggen in Jotunheimen this year.
Solstice Celebration Sound Retreat June18th-June 25th
Sound, Nature and Circle Retreat August 15th-22nd
More info coming soon (or emails us to sign up now)


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We live in strange times where we are all being called into more of our authentic self, truth and power. Now is the time to find community spaces where we are supported into being our true self and stretching into our longings and yearnings for real. This retreat is such a space, an alchemical cauldron of loving presence where we will be deeply met, seen and attuned through connection, sound, nature and through our own personal surrender.


Our circle space is in a warm and spacious dome just adjacent to the Fjellstue. The dome was intentionally built as a space for meditation, movement, sound and healing. The whole area is a magnificent nature dome at the European crown chakra, a place of extremely high vibration that will hold deep space for our journey.


The flow of the retreat will consist of:

sound healing journeys

- free your voice sessions

- mantra singing

- daily Heart IQ circle

- daily hikes in the area incl waterfall-immersion and lake dips

- cacao ceremonies

- integration and down time.