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Steffi De Jong

Soul Voice and Circle Facilitator

Steffi de Jong is a soul sounder and tribe facilitator using nature as her sacred playing field. 


Five years ago I started an education in SoulVoice (a beautiful sound healing method that -simply put- brings people back in connection to what they were naturally good at as a child; to freely express whatever is alive in them). From that moment, I facilitated sound circles and one-on-one sessions to guide people in accessing (again) the (self)healing potential of their voice and the wisdom of their body. And of course, SoulVoice also became a very powerful tool in my own life-search of who am I?


Being born with an identical twin sister into this world, I carry a cellular memory of oneness (and separation) in my physical body that has (had) quite an impact in my life. My biggest challenge has been to make sense of personal identity, healthy connection, intimacy and boundaries, themes that were blurred from my time in the womb onwards when I was having the thumb of my sister in my mouth... I learned to live in a deep connection with someone else before I learned to connect with myself. And feeling unconditional love for someone else was more natural to me than feeling self love.


When I realised this, I started questioning who I was without all the roles I had identified myself with such as social entrepreneur, acroyoga facilitator, sister, mother, partner, etc… I stopped my job, ended the relationship with the father of my children and dived into the scary, lonely, restless emptiness. My voice helped me to connect to my centrum, to different “hidden” parts of myself and most importantly to my deep womb wisdom that became a very strong guidance in my life.  


During my journey, I realized the importance of tribe and support around me in order to grow and expand. I followed a circle-facilitation training with Rippling three years ago and led circle evenings and a tribal year-circle. Inspired by this experience, I co-founded the movement Women of the Moon with my twin-sister, allowing myself and other women to live in deep resonance with the cycle of the moon and its rituals through surrendered circle gatherings.


In all of this, nature played a very big role as a place to reconnect with myself, to release blockages, to get resourced and inspired and to open my creative channel. Living in nature and connecting with the elements, the rhythms and earth’s wisdom allows me to circle my life and get in touch with the truth of my heart (and the courage to follow it even in moments when it freaks me out!). 


I absolutely love to experience the magic of life by sharing these three components of soul sounding, circling and being in nature with a beautiful tribe! 

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