Luna Feyth

Clarity & Embodyment Faciliator

Although I have always had a deep love and appreciation for music, it never occurred to me that sound could be used as a gateway to immense healing, personal transformation, and medium for connecting to lower and higher planes. 


My relationship with sound shifted when I had a mystical experience only using my voice. It felt as though my voice was being sung and I had become an instrument for the Divine to move dense energy into the light. I perceived my body becoming a pillar of light and felt a purity of love in my heart centre that I had never experienced before. While I couldn’t make sense of this experience on a rational level, my inner knowing told me that whatever had occurred had been deeply healing for all beings across all spaces, times and dimensions. This was a profound realisation. At that time I had been calling in more clarity on finding my purpose. Never did it occur to me that my purpose would involve working across other dimensions! 


Suddenly this game called life had just become a lot of more interesting! The bridge between matter and spirit was more palpable than ever and there was no turning back. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my initiation into higher planes of consciousness that would allow me to move through time and space in a completely different way. 


I noticed my ability to manifest the perfect circumstances into my field - which often occurred immediately. I also noticed how my thoughts were being mirrored in my external environment which empowered me to be more conscious of my thinking.  Life started to become a whole lot easier as I became less identified with my thoughts (and associated judgements) and more attuned to the wisdom of my heart.


I share this story in the hope that it may serve as an entry point from which you can take your own inspired action! Like anything, in order to receive the benefits of the spiritual teachings, it is up to you to choose the right experiences that will awaken your spirit and allow for deep healing and transformation to occur. 


My intention at Sounds of Light to do just that - to best of my ability, create the perfect conditions that will best support  you in your own process so that you can rediscover just how powerful you really are. And guess what? You get to have a whole lot of fun in the process! 


As a teacher I recognize the limitation in taking a serious approach to one’s learning and development. For this reason I have a strong desire to revolutionize models of learning by creating unforgettable experiences that awaken divine joy and bring you back into the innocence of your childlike nature. Life need not be such hard work! I am here to support you in realizing just how fun and effortless life can be when we learn to open our hearts. 


If you are a truth seeker and lover of sound (with the added bonus of a daily does of chocolate!), then becoming involved with Sounds of Light Mystery School will offer you so much more than my words can express. But you know best! If you have read up until now, check in with your heart and what is being awakened within you. Here you will find the truth that you have been looking for. 




Luna Feyth