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Imagine waking up to the sound of nature; bird songs, water trickling down the stream, wind in the trees, and a loud silence of the elements. Your heart flutters! A new day of surrendering into being you and sinking deeper into exploring your path, purpose and play. With your tribe. With singing.  Sounding. Circling. Connecting.  A day to say YES to you and fully activate your magic and allow more of who you came to be in this life. To let go of what no longer serves you and shine your heart and light brightly. To free your voice and sing your life alive. To laugh and be touched by your community. To feel home and safe to share your authentic self in all its colours – whilst being supported by a tribe who are all excited to feel and see all of you.


Healing & Empowerment Journeys

Powered by the Medicine of Sound & Cacao


Sacred Pilgrimage in South of France

 Join us May 11-18th 2024 for a Deep journey into Soul Remembrance, Soul Awakening and Multidimensional activation through sound, ritual, ceremony and nature immersion. In the Fields of Christed Conciousness, on the Sacred Lands of the Magdalenes and at the foot of the Mystical Mountain Bugarach. 





Longing to Activate and Free your Voice in Wild Nature?

Join our Sound & Nature Retreat in the Norwegian Mountains of Jotunheimen

June 17-24th 2024




Our new and upgraded Elemental Sound Healing Practitioner and Facilitator Training starts June 2024 in the Norwegian Mountains of Jotunheimen. It consists of 4 seasonal modules:  Spring (3rd-9th of June), Summer (12-18th of August), Fall (14-20th of October) and Winter (13th-19th of January 2025). We will launch and present this new training in Norway (after 9 years in Guatemala) on Winter Solstice.  


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