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Patrick Jeffs

Prayer Wizard & Space Holder

I feel that my journey with sound and music is one that saved my life. The way a song can bring tingles running up your spine to the depths that the whole universe, as we know it, is vibrating potentially as a song.

I’ve grown up listening to so many types of music trying to fit into all different kinds of genres. I’ve always been fascinated by the way music can paint such an expression of culture, the way it creates a platform that allows anyone and everyone to be able to relate, to have something in common. It brings people together. Sound is a beautiful form of expression that has incredible influence and ability to assist in so many ways.

Over time on my journey I really began to see how incredible sound was as a tool to assist in the development and integration of our understanding, I was able to realize and feel massive shifts and changes within myself during deep experiences with sound, songs, mantras. The simple effects of vibration have had such an impact releasing things that I didn’t even know were there. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing profound realizations and awakenings in people, experiencing them release deeply whilst relaxed in beautifully created spaces of soundscape.

When I came into contact with using cacao in addition to sound it enhanced my experiences acting as a catalyst for many transformations. When opening the heart to these experiences many people can feel vulnerable in the beginning, with trust it really opens a gate for accelerated development. Cacao is a wonderful, tasteful and sensual addition to sound for all its qualities are very very magical.

Joining the mystery school is a wonderful opportunity to expand my awareness of sound and its healing potential. Words interest me in a very intricate way. The more I learn about sound and vibration the more I come to understanding the resonance in the way we use language and tone. Cymatics and symbolism are also representations of vibration and harmonious resonance in frequency. I love poetry and writing so much when it comes to integrating my skills with words and instruments I’ve seen incredible results. I am excited to explore the sacred practices of sound with cacao advancing closer to my center and growing with something that rings deeply true to my heart. I want to be part of something new that helps the world in its stages of change, equally supporting my personal development and growth. Stepping into the unknown is the hardest part of anything, I wish to rise to this challenge. To experiment and explore the unknown in an open and loving way that is revitalising and fun.

I really love being a part of a group that is working together to better themselves. It’s an incredible feeling when you know everyone is there with a common purpose to accelerate themselves, its special. It takes courage to want to make the world a better place and to understand that it’s not always easy to make the changes. I feel compassionately and peacefully that this platform gathers likeminded beings who wish to create magic from ancient practices and teachings, so we may raise the worlds vibration.

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