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Jule Marei

Womb and Soulmission Coach & Song Carrier
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Jule is a song carrier, singer & songwriter, voice doula, coach, designer, artist and cacao ceremony host - and a Sounds of Light Alumni.

For sounds of light she is our creative channel for building a strong community and bringing our message and mission into the (digital) world. She is managing our instagram, creation and host of online events, designs and (the soon to be opened) podcast.

In 2017 Jules life slowly started to change when she first met the spirit of cacao. A spark began to bloom in her heart and her souls voice started to come through. With the support of different plant medicines, in 2019 she found the courage to leave her old life in Berlin as a Designer to leap and surrender fully to her inner visions and messages.

Her first step was to spend time with shamans in Colombia and live with them for several weeks. Here she started to paint soul paintings and dove deeper into the feminine and cyclical wisdom. The 3 words JUST DO IT she took from this stay and they led her ever since. 

With this as a mantra she manifested her own soul business, where she guides woman back to their cyclical nature and a happy and healthy womb and supports women and men to own and see their soul gifts and birth them into the world. It’s all around how to build a lunar soul business and to fully own and anchor, who you truly are. How can you bring your essence and gifts into this world and thrive with full cups? This is what Jule teaches and stands for.

She loves simplicity, beauty, her guitar, nature, fire, good smells, clarity and laughing until the belly hurts. 🙋🏼‍♀️

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