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Elemental Sound Healing 
Practitioner and Facilitator Training
An Initiation into the Power & Magic of Sound and Nature
4 week long modules in June, August, October 2024 and January 2025

Calling all souls who yearn for diving deep into the healing powers of sound, music, voice and nature as a path for creative expression, professional service and personal freedom

Are you longing to activate your authentic soul voice, rhythm and musical intuition & innocence? 
Are you longing to go go on a deep personal journey growth journey with nature at .... in wild nature?  as an ally to come into balance, power and vitality? 
Are you ready to fully embody your power as a sacred multidimensional sound channel and sound healing facilitator?
Are you curious to learn how to facilitate groups in ways that harness the multidimensional healing power of sound, voice & music?
Are you excited to learn how to empower musical ingenuity, sonic co-creation and vocal freedom in your groups, circles and community? 
Are you interested to experience how we can use sound & music to build tribe through ceremony, ritual and circles?  
And do you want sound to be an integrated part of your path, personally as well as professionally? 

The Sacred Purpose of the Elements & Nature in our Training
Sound Healing is an art of attunement - to be in tune with our selves, others and life. We live in a time where our emotional, physical and energetic wellbeing, balance and strength is challenged by stress on all levels; personal, communal, societal and global. Sound Healing offers a unique way to regulate our nervous system, connect to our essence, open our hearts, self-connect as well as connect with loved ones. Sound healing can first and foremost serve as a daily personal practice for self-attunement, to balance, regulate, ground and open to more energy, creativity, love and harmony. And professionally, sound healing can offer powerful medicine to our relationships, communities, groups and clients. From simple sound baths, to deep shamanic sound journeys, to creative play shops and ceremonies that weave connection, open hearts, move energies and activate voices. However, sound healing is not only abut learning the right techniques and methods. In order to be clearer conduits of the power of sound, we need to fully embody a deeper ecology of balance within ourselves and in connection to our natural environment. Over the last 8 years of Sound Healing trainings and retreats we have discovered that the foundation of good sound healing does not only depend on having a solid personal sound practice of attunement, embodied experience with sound healing methods, instruments and techniques,  as well as high quality group facilitation skills. There is a deeper level of attunement needed to support our personal and professional capacity to offer sound as medicine. And that is an elemental attunument with and by nature - to its core frequencies of fire, water, air, earth and space. As well as an attunement to the energetics of natures shifting seasons.  
This programme offrs a necessary foundatiuonal nature based ecology for sound healing practitioners and facilitators. By connecting to the elemental qualities in nature as well as the shifting energetics of the cycles Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter - we find a deep way of living in balance with our own inner nature and can through this nature based attunement cecome a clearer, well balanced, powerful and rich medium for the medicine of sound.    

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