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Astaria Light

Sonic sorceress, light frequency carrier, vocal activator

Hola Soul Family

I want to share a little bit of my story with you...

I have been working with sound and music as a healing modality since I was a little girl.
It all started with the piano for me, a place where I would find peaceful solace with the
keys and channel melodies that helped me process my emotions.
As a child living in a dysfunctional environment, it was the only outlet I had to express
myself, before I found art and costume design.
When I was 12, I started making my own clothing, often with the most brightest,
colorful textiles I could find. I stopped playing the piano and started exploring the world
of fashion design instead. Before I reached the age of 15, I was operating my own
clothing company and selling my creations in a couple of boutiques.
Life took me on many adventures since then, exploring different paths, and going through
many deep shamanic initiations before I was led back to my roots in music.
In my early 30s, after quitting my career as a fashion designer and not knowing what I
would do next, my soul was guided to the keys of an old piano, where my fingers naturally
danced and the melodies started to flow through again. It was then that I remembered
the magical powers of music and realized that sound healing is a real thing that I can
share in service to this world.
I was guided to create my own sound therapy company in 2014, which was also during
the same time that I was diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune disease and told I would
die if I didn’t go on medication for the rest of my life.
I said a big “NO” to the drugs, and took my healing into my own voice, literally.
I started singing for the first time, after spending most of my life in silence. (I was
always known as “the quietest kid” throughout all my school years.) I had a deep rooted
fear of speaking, of sharing my self, and especially of singing… even though some of my
best dreams at night were when I would be singing with my mouth open wide and all
kinds of powerful frequencies would be blasting through me. I would always awaken from
those dreams with so much life, but also with a belief that I could never actually sing like
that in waking reality.
So it was time to wake up from life as I knew it.
After spending extended amounts of time off grid out in the wilderness, vision questing,
and singing out in nature, where no one but the trees could hear me... I freed my voice.
Sometimes, I would play my drum or a flute as an offering to nature. And sometimes, all
kinds of sounds, songs and chants would share though the land and the ancient old growth
trees who I had become good friends with. Sometimes, I would just wail, scream, and
warrior cry.
Two years after that death sentence of a diagnosis, and after tending to some deep
healing, I went and got blood-work done to prove that I had indeed released myself from
the past and from my limiting beliefs.
Sure enough, as my doctors were astonished, a miracle had come to be known.
I am a living reminder that you CAN heal and free yourself from anything.
Now, I help empower others to activate their voice as their most powerful healing
instrument and creation tool.
I extend a helping hand and loving heart to you as you walk your path of remembering
who you are, blazing the trail to your heart, and to embodying your own unique soul’s
Wherever we are on our journey, we have all come here to share our gifts with this world,
to leave it a better place than how we found it.
I look forward to sharing creative magic and the power of sound medicine with you.
For harmony,
*** You can follow me on Instagram: @light.of.sound
Or check out more of my inspiration here:

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