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Anna Cotton

Shamanic Sound Faciliator

I attended the Yoga of Sound and Chocolate Feburary 2017, at Lago Atitlan. I entered this experience with no expectations just a curiosity to deepen my connection with sound having been drawn to the ancient sacred sounds of whales. My wildest imagination could not have for told the depths of myself that I would begin to unlock. I soon understood that it was not just a curiosity of sound sparking this journey but in fact a deeper calling beyond time, belonging to the truest part of myself.


In broadening my awareness of self through the sound practices during the training I have been stepping closer and closer to my centre ever since. Now that centre is drawing me to merge and collaborate with seeding the consciousness of this mystery school. When entering the training it was from a place of self exploration I did not realise that it would empower me to lead others in the same exploration. I have been hosting sound journeys and chakra toning workshops around the world these past twenty months, often collaborating with other members of the Sound and Chocolate tribe, following my excitement to offer workshops at festivals and small community's alike. I would like to say that it is surprising to see the reaction that people have to the vibrational therapy that is sound. but it is not because I truly believe in it's magic from my own experiences. It is the deepest medicine I have experienced and not for a reason I am capable of explaining but for the very opposite, for sound goes beyond the mind and works out our core essence. It is a vibrational tool that speaks the language of the universe accessing healing to all levels of our being. Cacao is also such a treasure, offering the ability to work from our heart space connecting with vibrational power to shift and heal. Combining sound and cacao is truly a divine partnership offering a pure and deep transformational space rooted in the heart, it is this depth of experience that really attracts me to cacao. The opportunity to work with the beautiful cacao wizard Keith throughout my Sound and Chocolate journey has been such a blessing, offering such playful wisdom and true insight to enjoy this experience and exploration.


Remaining strongly connected to the tribe of Sound and Chocolate has developed this opportunity to be part of the community at the Mystery School. I am currently six months pregnant so will have a new born at the time of this new adventure which is a big drive for my participation. To nurture a new being in such a pure vibration yet experimental environment feels very exciting and we had seeded the idea to be part of this project before we were pregnant so in a sense this child chose the Mystery School too. It means so much to be supported in our growth with sound as a young family, the thought of holding our baby close to my chest whilst singing and praying as a community fills me with joy.


Within my personal development at the school I look forward to being in a space that is cultivating a container for channeling divine sound. I have been exploring my channel and voice very deeply connecting with many forms of expression, strongly connecting with the drum especially in the presence of fire. To delve deeper into these sacred rituals of channeled sound is certainly what is calling me to be present at the school and be part of its family, experimenting with the potential of community held ritual.


If you are considering joining us on this quest please trust the curiosity that has lead you here. It was the greatest step I have taken and has provided such beautiful manifestations in my life these past months, finding my voice, finding love and now becoming a mother, all whilst still dreaming up the endless possibilities that await.

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