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Áine Hanevy

Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Process Facilitator

My healing journey with sound started about 3 years ago when I went to my first kundalini yoga
class and experienced a very profound awakening. My whole being vibrated as our teacher played
the gongs and tears of joy rolled down my face as I recited mantra and sang for the first time since
I was a kid. I was deeply moved and I left that yoga studio feeling very light and extremely intrigued
by what had happened. Needless to say, I continued on with that practice and eventually I was led
to Guatemala by a series of  ́coincidences ́ and I trained as Kundalini yoga teacher.

I was very drawn to cacao and was using it in raw food recipes but wasn't aware of the extent of
her heart opening properties until I ended up at a cacao ceremony with our resident cacao wizard
Keith. At that time I was grief-stricken due to the death of a close family member and that
ceremony was a pivotal point in my healing journey. I went to many ceremonies and gradually
started to feel whole again. Cacao is a dear plant friend and teacher.

I heard about the Mystery School and for some strange reason I just could not pass up the
opportunity to apply for the residency. I thought to myself,  ̈I ́m not a singer, I ́m not a musician, this
doesn't make any sense ̈, but intuitively I knew I needed to sign up so I bypassed my logical mind
and sent in the form. And I ́m so glad I did.

As soon as I arrived at Sounds of Light I knew I was home. During my time at the school, I
remembered who I was. My spark returned and the combination of cacao and sound healing
enabled me to see the abundance all around and within me, and the unlimited creative potential
that exists in each moment. I let go of so many limiting beliefs and found confidence again. I
started playing guitar and sang my heart song. I began teaching yoga classes which previously I
was too shy to do as I had so many issues with speaking in front of people. I really tapped into my
innate ability to self heal and I soon realised that my healing not only is beneficial to me but
naturally radiates out to the greater community. This has been a great incentive to me to dig deep
within and firmly commit to the path of awakening. The school offered me the support and love I
needed to explore and nurture my gifts as I learned to express myself and it continues to do so. I
worked for many years in jobs that didn't make me happy. I ́m proud and excited to say that I ́ve
given myself full permission to be myself, and to live a life that expands rather than depletes me,
whilst supporting the greater organism of which we ́re all a part.

I wish to support you as you dissolve any blocks which may be holding you back from living a life of
purpose and fulfilment. My greatest joy is to share and help cultivate a harmonious, supportive and
loving container where we can collectively heal, awaken to our true nature as channels of love and
celebrate this precious life.

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