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Marcus Veysey

Spiritual Herbalist

I grew up in England and after travelling for years in my youth, I ended up settling in Guatemala around 25 years ago. I worked and helped build a meditation centre here called Las Piramides for around 20 years where I had the luxury to learn and teach metaphysical and esoteric studies along with plant medicine and holistic healing therapies. My three children and partner Ana have been a constant inspiration and motivation for me and I moved on to help create and develop the Seed.

I always felt the strong desire to be of service to humanity and help bring a little light into the darkness we live with. I had many passions in my journey that were often distractions dispersing my focus but a deeper fire was lit when I began working as a coach around 15 years ago. My personal journey has plunged me into darkness, illness and confusion many times, and life's slaps in the face have forced me to wake up to many deep seated fears, patterns and self-doubts in my continual journey of growth. I now embrace this darkness as a great teacher and catalyst for growth instead of turning my head and running towards 'something lighter'. I feel this is a key aspect of our personal transformation so often overlooked due to its 'uncomfortable' nature. For most of my life I have been surrounded by spiritual seekers with all types of background and experience and it is clear how similar are our stories, blind spots and hurdles in our journey to find a more inspiring version of ourselves. I am grateful and fortunate to be able to help encourage personal growth in this journey.

I have been gifted a bunch of knowledge over the years by many different teachers. This knowledge with a handful of intuition and a bucketful of detached empathy has allowed me to hear and read people and to receive guidance for them. I offer individual coaching sessions each with a very personal purpose but usually with the focus on growing consciously or 'spiritually' and on finding practices that help transform and inspire our lives. I see both the greater potential inside Humanity and the need to dive into our hidden nature, to lift the veil and unbridle our more abundant spirit.

I was given a simple herbal garden 24 years ago to care for and develop. My work with medicinal plants has taught me how connected we all are with the natural world and how enriching and healing this connection is. Over the years I developed several courses on herbal medicine and holistic healing that I have been teaching for the last 15 years. Our society's modern lifestyles and mankind’s individuality have made us disconnect from natural rhythms and harmony both inner and outer. At the Seed we promote a reconnection to nature and a deeper, inner connection to our higher sense of self to bring more balance and integrity into our lives. Whatever your journey presents to you, may you have the courage and passion to love and transform your life.

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