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Samwell Solomon

Spaceholder and Founder of Casa De Liberation

He’s 48 years young, a Taurus - Manifestor - Seeker - Student - Disciplined Lover of Life. 


But what’s in a label?


It’s crystal clear to anyone who works with Samwell that his greatest satisfaction comes from helping others to heal and reveal the light. Whether in groups or one-on-one deep dives his passion is abundant and palpable. He loves being in purposeful service to the journeys of others, and holds this as one of the highest gifts he is privileged to receive.


On this path of purpose, Sam became the Founder and steward of Casa de Liberacion - a centre for authenticity, healthy living, spiritual growth, evolution, and liberation of the heart. And he’s worn many more hats in this life, gaining experience and wisdom every step of the way. 


Samwell began as a self-starter, athlete, and entrepreneur - garnering great success in main stream society. But about 10 years ago, he heard a deep call to follow a new path. A call he couldn’t ignore. His studies with the spirits of the plants grew deeper, and Sam headed to Peru to learn more from the plants and tribal wisdom teachings. Upon return Sam swiftly left his businesses and life in the United States to pursue his spiritual path full-time, seeking to be the change and give back in a more meaningful way. 


Sam prefers not to adhere to any one particular discipline or lineage, having chosen to walk his own unique path and learn from all that presents itself. He is continuously redefining himself. As an example, in the span of less than 2 years, he spent over 6 months of isolation work with plant dietas, and 4 months of full time mystery school training initiation. 


This discipline and diversity of modalities helps Sam facilitate a space where healing and heart opening can take place. He  works as a life coach, mentor, guide, and retreat leader - assisting people through addiction, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Believing deeply in the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit while walking one’s east-to-west life path and south-to-north path of spirit, Sam invites a living wisdom to his offerings. Simple truths grounded in practice. 


Perhaps Sadhaka best describes Samwell - one who seeks soul liberation through spiritual practice. In this chosen way of life, his greatest joy is sharing his Sadhana, whether it be through song, movement, silence or word. Reflecting this, some of his greatest passions are sharing intentional spaces, mantra, breath work, astral travel, meditation, deep authentic relating and belly laughs with friends. 

Trainings & Explorations

Samwell has been through countless trainings and initiations in the last decade - both in the world of accreditations, and with teachers who refuse to conform to modern certifications. He holds certificates in Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, and has completed massage courses and sound school. He has also studied and apprenticed with Indigenous tribes, and attended mystical schools, pranayama trainings, Vipasana retreats, meditation courses, vision quests, dark retreats and many plant dietas. He has worked with master plant teachers Chiric Sanango and Tobacco, as well as many other Shamanic dietas. 


Forever a student, Sam maintains a beginners mind - continuing to learn and grow - while also recognizing that we are all teachers and no two paths are the same.



Healing Through Sound


Sam started his journey with sound about 10 years ago with the Native American Flute, and been has working with sound for 7 years. Today he works with the instruments of Voice, Harmonium, Guitar, Hand Pan, Sacred Drum, Rattles, Gongs, Flutes, Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Kalibre and more.


In the beginning, he struggled for years to find his voice. Sam had a speech impediment as a child, didn’t speak for almost five years and was told he was tone death as child. He was unable to sing, even alone, until his mid 30s. Athletics and math always came easier to Samwell, but music was very foreign (as hard as learning a new language).


And so, in order to experience and express the essence of his true voice, his path of deep healing eventually led him to work with sound in; sacred ceremonies with plant allies, kirtan, private instruction with traditional western voice coaches, voice activation lessons with Thomas Owen Kiernan, a 30 day facilitator training with Thomas and Yoga of Sound of Chocolate, and non-stop sound exploration and play!


Spirit put Sam in service where he faced some of his deepest challenges in order to learn and heal. The Cosmic joke is that he now lives permanently in Guatemala where he communicates daily in a foreign language (Spanish), using his voice. And he now guides singing circles and sacred sound healing, relating to music as the language of the energy that we are. The right vibrations in any given moment help tune our vehicles, release trauma and dense energies, and allow the more subtle, bright vibrations to take root. 


Sam was not given the natural gift of music, and has had to work to unlock it — still does! As he continuously opens his voice, he discovers new parts of himself, new energies, and new worlds that have yet to be explored. For this reason, he loves sharing voice activation sessions and seeing the surprise as people discover that they too have a beautiful tool for sound and prayer. 


And so the journey continues…


“I have great gratitude for the masters that have blessed my path, though I adhere to and claim affiliation with none. I really only have my heart to follow and share from. I believe that at this time we all need to awaken the inner Guru, our inner teacher and higher self, and call in direct communication with our teachers from the invisible side. We are being called to release old teachings and belief systems that are no longer working for us in order to realize true freedom.” 


~ Samwell (in Love, Light & Laughter)

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