Katherine Alta Regina

Cacao and Sound Facilitator

Katherine Alta Regina is a multidimensional intuitive spiritual guide, nature enthusiast, plant medicine advocate, and sound healer. She has spent the past decade integrating her work as student, outdoor educator, mystical yoga instructor, priestess and everyday being into a weaver of healing arts. She encourages  and empowers people to remember their essence and radiate their heart truth, awakening the magic within and expanding the heart from fear to love. 

She does this work because of her own spiraled healing process. She honors the importance for people to gather, celebrate, grieve, create connection, ceremony, ritual, so we remember who we truly are, remember our roots, remember our power, remember our hearts. The spaces she creates are sacred, potent, compassionate and inclusive allowing all people to feel seen,held and honored in their journey of awakening body mind, spirit and heart. 

Earlier in 2018, Alta traveled to Sweden to deepen and enrich her sound practice and connection with the Cacao plant spirit. The journey over 3 weeks unlocked remembrance and mastery she never expected. Experiencing the power of sacred sound and the heart opening potency of cacao, recharged her belief in the necessity of sacred connection.  There she also connected with the crystal bowl, which activated higher states of awareness and vocal sounding abilities. She now incorporates the crystal bowl’s healing vibration in her yoga, sound and voice activation workshops.  

She feels blessed to be walking her path, reclaiming her medicine and sharing her passions with others along the way.