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Greg Radicone

Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine

"I am a Licensed Acupuncturist from New York. I graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

After practicing for 3 years in Brooklyn, I moved to Quiche, Guatemala to run the Mobil Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Unit for the Global Healthworks Foundation. Upon arriving to Guatemala, I was introduced to cacao while sitting in ceremony with Keith Wilson, the "Chocolate Shaman."

I was at first nervous to explore within the ceremony but though "Its only chocolate, how deep can I really go..." little did I know I was starting on a journey which lead over time to the deepest parts of my soul, passing through and processing some of the darkest times in my life and allowing more light and energy than I could ever imagine.

Cacao has been the most important facilitator that I've encountered in terms of meditation, creativity, and healing. Sound has been an extremely important part of my own healing journey. Like many people, I realized early on in life that music had the power to move energy and open up portals, though I wouldn't have called it that in my early years. But it wasn't until I bought my first guitar 8 years that I understood that power sound truly has.

I realized that I could move through anxiety and depression just by playing notes on the guitar, and I learned that

I could open up spaces in my mind and heart. From there, I was introduced to sound healing primarily through Thomas' sound healing sessions. All of these healing methods combined for the first time during the first Yoga of Sound and Chocolate retreat at the Mystical Yoga Farm. Taking the entire group through a group journey with cacao, sound, and acupuncture.

The opening that occurred there, and the energy that was moved convinced me that these modalities combined can do amazing things.


I look forward to assisting you in your journeys."

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