Empowerment Residency:

Sound & Cacao

Facilitator Initiation

Are you ready to fully activate your potential and embody your power as a sacred sound and song channel and cacao facilitator?
No Residencies in Guatemala in 2021 - potentially a facilitator training in Sweden fall of 2021. Please write to us if you are interested in training with us in Scandinavia 2021 Watch this space for 2022 residencies in Guatemala. 
Next retreat happening in August 2021:
Join us in our sound healing retreat in the Norwegian Mountains!

Our Empowerment Residency is a unique 6 week long alchemy of retreat and training that will enable you to facilitate healing and transformational journeys using sacred sound and cacao as medicine. The Residency  is a two-step experiential, learning-by-doing journey of empowerment. Module 1 is a deep 3 week experiential dive into the healing and transformational potential of the medicine of sound and cacao. You will experience and embody different sound practices designed to move energies in yourself to activate, expand and fully align with your soul potential. During this time you will be exposed to many different forms of sound practice, ritual and ceremony – and learn how these practices support healing and access your intuition and creativity. Then you will enter Module 2, a 3 week accelerated learning journey where you will be safely guided into discovering and sharing your own power as a sacred sound channel and facilitator of sacred sound journeys. 

Module 1: Soul Activation - A Sound Healing and Transformational Retreat 

Module 2: Sound Healing and Cacao Facilitator Initiation!

Both modules offered at the Mystical Yoga Farm, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. See more about our home here

"Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” 
- Hazrat Inayat Khan, 20th century Sufi Mystic

Empowerment Residency Module Structure

MODULE 1: Soul Activation - A Sound Healing and Transformational Retreat

You can read a detailed description of Module 1: Soul Activation Retreat here. Below we explain the importance of Module 1 as part of your journey to become a sacred sound facilitator. 


The purpose of Module 1 is to allow you to experience the healing and transformational power of sound through Ceremonial Cacao infused sacred sound journeys, singing, voice activations, rituals and ceremonies. As a sacred sound and cacao facilitator, you can only take people as deep in their healing as you have gone with your own healing. Cacao and sound journeys provide a portal to very deep altered states of consciousness where profound healing, messages, visions and dreams can be accessed. When you become aware of how you can journey with sound - your inner journeying and healing landscape with sound - you will have an experiential approach to facilitating sound journeys for others. You can learn more about our Sound Medicine here. 


The most important and powerful sound healing tool is our own voice. We will support you in opening and grounding your voice as a channel for healing energy. We will be immersed in a few select and potent vocal sound practices which will support you in freeing and embodying the power of your voice as a tool to shift your frequency, move stuck energy and impact your reality, for your self and others.  We will explore a special Yoga of Sound and Voice practice that fuses sound & vocal practices from the East, Far East and from the Mystery School Traditions of the West. From Mantra, Tibetan Seed Syllables to Chakra Toning from Ancient Egypt - all sacred practices that can activate, align and expand our energy body to clear energetic blocks and allow creativity, heart connection and divine inspiration to flow freely. You will leave the training with a solid voice based Sound Practice that you can integrate back into your life and share publicly. 

Module 1 consists of a wide array of sound, voice and song practices:

  • Daily thematic Sound Journeys

  • Free your voice journeys

  • Sacred Chant - we will sing heart opening mantras and songs

  • Tantra of Sound – an ancient mystery school toning practice 
    of clearing, activating, expanding and aligning your energy 
    bodies and chakras using your voice. 

  • Sound meditations and activations from the mystical school traditions (Essenes and Egyptian High Alchemy) incl. dream manifestation practice

  • Quantum Jumping with Sound.

  • Quantum meditations to assist with rewiring your brain and untangling limiting beliefs. 

  • Heart Coherency Healing Practices

  • Sound Temple Rituals

  • Sound Healing Choir

  • Peruvian Whistle Vessel Ritual (a 3000 year old Peruvian ritual 
    using pre-hispanic clay flutes to enter a deep altered state of 
    consciousness for healing and transformation)

  • Daily intention setting and heart sharing to support your journey.

  • Daily tune in to the mayan astrology affecting our energy bodies. 

"The future of medicine will be music and sound” 
- Edgar Cayce, 20th century mystic

The Facilitator Initiation is designed to empower you to create and facilitate a Sound and Cacao healing practice/offering based on your experiences from module 1. You can only participate in Module 2 if you have completed Module 1 (or a previous Yoga of Sound and Chocolate or Empowerment Residency). Module 2 is composed of the following elements:


 We are breaking free of the old teacher-student paradigm and holding space for you to tap into your intuitive mastery deeply seeded in your soul. Instead of a traditional curriculum based approach to your learning, we allow you to take a deep experiential journey of empowerment, healing and activation. Our approach to learning and empowerment is based on a mix between radical experiential and participatory learning methodology: a deep safe space to experiment outside your comfort zones; full heart-centered presence allowing authenticity, vulnerability and healing; ceremonial intention setting and initiations; 5th dimensional connectivity to mastery; strong tribal co-creation and loving community support. You will have access to a huge instrument library and we will initiate you into the energetic healing portal of gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, flutes and shamanic instruments incl drums and much more.  In addition we allow you to discover and download your mastery of sacred sound through a process called Quantum Jumping. This is a radical learning-by-doing process culminating in you co-creating and facilitating a full day of Sacred Sound and Cacao offering for a specially invited group from outside the community of practice at the Mystery School.  The learning environment is nourished by small group practices, personal mentoring and special feedback practice.


You will learn the basics of how sound can access healing for the body, mind and spirit - and the ways you can facilitate healing energy into your sound journeys. And discover how sound gives us access to altered states of consciousness and opens a multidimensional healing portal for transformation, empowerment and guidance even outside time and space. We will also explore how the alchemy of sound, intention and visualisation can shape-shift our reality through a technique called quantum jumping. You will be supported in designing your own sound healing journeys and ceremonies as well as how to work with sound 1 on 1. 


Songs are an important fabric of our lives, from birth to death, songs can support us in living our lives. Many of us stopped singing in our childhood, or we never even started. We will explore the power of song, from devotional kirtan, indigenous chants, elemental songs, to the wisdom songs of our ancestors. We will gather often around the fire at night to share songs to support our own journey and to weave our community and experience together.  




You will learn how to alchemise ceremonial cacao for your ceremonies and more importantly learn how to work with the spirit of cacao to support your healing space and journeys. And how to set up, lead and close a ceremonial cacao and sound journeying space. 


We will explore how to hold space for other peoples healing, how to work with healing energies and how we can cultivate healing space in our ceremonies. You will learn how to work with translating a healing intention into a group sound journey or into a 1 on 1 sound healing session.





We will explore how we can use our voices, words and energy to facilitate groups into heart coherency, to open their voices and to dive deep into their healing journeys.  


We will explore how you can bring your learning and empowerment from the residency back into the world, be it in your daily practice, in your community or as business to support your path. 

Module 2 will also incl:

  • Instrument library: We provide a large collection of sacred sound instruments and tools, you will be given the opportunity to intuitively explore, play and grow. Space will be held for you to discover: gongs, tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, voice, flutes, guitar, drums, crystal bowls, shruti, harmonium and more.

  • Experiential playshops

  • Practice time

  • Personal mentoring in instrument proficiency, voice and facilitation skills. 

  • Creative learning space to design and lead sound pratices, sound journeys and singing circles. 

  • Feedback based on appreciative inquirery

  • Participant created and lead sound healing day retreat for select public audience. 

What happens after the Residency is over?


Module 2 is an initiation into your power as a facilitator. You will feel empowered and confident to create and lead your own offering after the training – and as with most of our previous participants, you will find yourself doing this with joy, ease and often in collaboration with other Sound and Cacao Tribe. After the residency you can join the Sounds of Light Mystery School pool of Practitioners – this gives you access to discounted residencies in the future. 

What is included in your Empowerment Residency


  • Sound and Cacao practices – vocal activation, toning, mantra, Bhajans and pure sound experiences

  • Movement and Embodiment practices 

  • Daily intention setting

  • Time to be with yourself and nature 

  • Daily sound journey or singing circle

  • Meditations to tap into the Quantum Field of your infinite potential

  • Heart Sharing Circles

  • Processing support and space holding for your journey 

  • Personal mentoring into your voice and instrument proficiency

  • Prayer practices at the indoor and outdoor altars 

  • New moon and Full moon ceremonies

  • Nature walks and possibility for excursions

  • Cacao ceremonies with Keith Wilson 

  • Weekly integration days where you are free of schedule. 

  • Weekly Community Acupuncture and Sound Clinic to support your healing

  • Sauna, lake swims, paddle boarding, hikes in nature. 

  • Silence

  • Access to extra healing packages with resident and guest healers, body therapists and acupuncturists etc. 

  • Community service also known as Karma Yoga  

  • Small group (max 20 participants and 10 facilitators in residence) 

  • Shared accommodation (2-4 beds per room) – option for private accommodation. 

  • Vegan high vibe nutrition to support your journey.  

Discover our home here

Sample Schedule - Module 1 

06.00-07.00 Movement Practice

07.00-09.00 Sound and Cacao practice

09.00-10.00 Breakfast .

10.00-13.00 Manifestation Sound Journey – Essene Mystery School Toning Practice

13.00-16.00 Lunch and free time – opportunity for nature walks, lake swim, paddle boarding and sauna

15.00-16.00 Deep Listening (silence and integration)

16.30-18.00 Gong Bath

18.00-19.30 Dinner

20.00-21.00 Sacred Singing Circle

Sample Schedule - Module 2

06.00-07.00 Movement Practice

07.00-08.30 Sound and Cacao practice lead by participants

08.30-09-00 Feedback using Appreciative Inquiry

09.00-10.00 Breakfast

10.00-13.00 Play-shops (examples ”The Gong!” ”Native-American Flutes”, ”Leading Chants on harmonium”, ”Sound Healing with tuning forks”)

13.00-15.00 Lunch and free time – opportunity for river dips and sauna.

15.00-16.30 Mentoring, designing/preparing offerings and instrument practice.

16.30-18.00 Sound Journey lead by participants

17.30-18.00 Feedback using Appreciative Inquiry

18.00-19.30 Dinner

20.00-21.00 Sacred Singing Circle led by participants

21.00-21.30 Feedback using Appreciative Inquiry